"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
2-Year Old Class

The "Just for Two's" Program is used to develop the child's language, gross motor an small motor skills. Self-discipline, cooperation and creative expression are fostered through play activities. Exploration of manipulative toys, books indoor and outdoor play, equipment and materials help develop the child's curiosity, creativity and independence.Art and music experiences with a variety of materials are an integral part of the program.

​3-4 Year Old Class

The Creative Curriculum for Preschool Program is the core of the three year-old curriculum. Listening to stories, retelling events, dramatic play with puppets, music and movement experience help the child develop concepts and language skills necessary for future learning. A variety of play and art materials are provided for the child's exploration. Stringing beads, building with blocks, painting, drawing, cutting and constructing with different materials foster the development of the child's small motor and problem solving skills, and also enhances their sense of creativity and self-expression.

4-5 Year Old Class

The four to five-year old is ready for the exploration of concepts in the areas of reading and math, science and social studies, as well as the continued growth of language and physical development skills. Utilizing The  Creative Curriculum for Pre-Kindergarten Program, the child is presented with a thematic, hands-on approach to learning new skills and developing new awareness and abilities. Primary phonics instruction is initiated when the child is ready for this skill. The child's curiosity, independence and self-confidence are fostered through the use of center play activities. Manipulative toys, art, music experiences and field trips enhance the child's understanding and enjoyment of presented concepts.

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